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As I write this post on January 2, 2013, there is still no clear answer on the Georgia Affiliate Nexus Tax law.

Yes, it is frustrating.

I wrote about this early last year at Georgia Amazon Affiliates Get Ready to Lose Money when talk of this law became more than just a whisper.

I have read an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) that was written on December 31, 2012.  You can read the entire article at…

The article doesn’t really say a whole lot of anything.  Other than get some quotes from people on both sides of this issue.

There is a great post written today at that provides a good read on the Georgia Affiliate Tax issue.

Another article at is another opinion about the Georgia law.


So, what’s my take on this?

I think that first, the state of Georgia will most likely not be able to make Amazon and other online companies pay state and local sales tax.  But that doesn’t mean that affiliate won’t get dropped as a couple of companies like have already terminated their relationship with affiliates from Georgia.  I believe that this will someday, unfortunately, become a federal issue and then all hell will break loose once they get involved.


I am sure that you heard about the recent attack of the GoDaddy networks.  Of course, anytime something happens to GoDaddy, especially when some thing bad happens, it is usually news worthy.  After all they currently host over 53 million domains.  I suspect that number will drop due to the hack attack that caused their network and millions of domains across the internet to shut down.

Remember the last time GoDaddy received bad press?  Of course it was their own fault.  They boasted about how their CEO at the time went to Africa and killed a bunch of elephants. At that time NameCheap took advantage of the situation and offered a great promotion that resulted in over 20,000 new domains and customers leaving GoDaddy and moving over to NameCheap.

This time HostGator is the one who is taking advantage of GoDaddy’s error.

When you sign up for new hosting account you will get a insane discount from HostGator!

Take advantage of GoDaddy’s error and HostGator’s promotion.

The first thing you will need to do is visit HostGator, then click on any of their hosting pages and then REGISTER a new domain or TRANSFER if you are currently setup with hosting elsewhere. The next important part is to add “mwrhostgator” in the coupon section.


Possible Solutions to the Georgia Amazon Affiliate Issue

May 30, 2012

Amazon Affiliate SolutionsHey everyone!  At the beginning of the month I posted how Georgia had passed a new law that will affect all Affiliate Marketers in Georgia.  The new law will now require online companies, like Amazon, to collect sales tax.  The problem is Amazon does not currently collect sales tax not do they want to collect sales tax, thus there is the problem.  Amazon prefers to close the Affiliate accounts than collect and report sales tax.  You can read the post at Georgia Amazon Affiliate Get Ready To Lose Money.

Last week I wrote a short post about potential solutions.  In that short post, I listed several potential options for Amazon Affiliates.  You can read that post at Solutions to Georgia Amazon Affiliate Issue.

Well, I have done more research and I wanted to share that information with you today.

The first potential solution is called VigLink.

What is Viglink?

Viglink is a service that makes becoming an affiliate for 1000′s of merchants a lot easier. There are two advantages of using Viglink.

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Solutions to Georgia Amazon Affiliate Issue

May 23, 2012

Okay, today’s post is going to be short.  I have found a couple of solutions regarding my Amazon affiliate account being shutdown.  You can read the original post…Georgia Amazon Affiliates Get Ready To Lose Money.

These solutions are ones that I have decided are potential courses of action for me to take.  You can review each action and decide what is best for you to take.

Courses of Action

  1. Vigilink
  2. Create business in a state that does not have sales tax
  3. Flip each site
  4. Wait and See
  5. Find other Affiliate programs

These are the course of actions that I have come up with.  I will go into more details about the actions next week after I finish my research, so stay tuned.

Do you have any other courses of action to recommend?  If so, leave a comment below. – Thanks!

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